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Are You a #DimensionalWoman?

I took some time to reflect on who I am and who I used to be.Then, I painted a picture of a woman who was literally every color but had features of a woman of color. I realized this is not just a picture but a visual representation of identity, more specifically of the black woman.

I began my internship with the DinnerTableDocumentary in January. Once we began brainstorming on campaign ideas, I decided to give them one of my own ideas as well as the painting. The idea was to do a social media based give-away. This was the first time implementing my idea into a social media campaign as well as having it sponsored by a brand!

The DinnerTableDoc was the perfect brand to take on this idea considering it was created to dispel negative images of black women in the media by promoting unity, networking and positive visuals. I am proud to say that a young woman did win my painting and I hope it is as meaningful to her that it is to me.

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